Thursday, March 24, 2011

Now that you've seen...

Can you tell which one is Syria? Libya?
Wanna know who's burning that flag? That would be Libyan students condemning the Western air assault on much for winning hearts and minds.
Guess we're just too damn good at breaking hearts and raping minds of not only our own people but the people of the world - sharing is caring.
And that other picture of Libyan rebels praying on a road side, I just put that in there to show how little we understand our supposed friends and enemies. We educate ourselves in the art of destruction, corruption and profit. We do not look into the circumstances we fly into. We do not take time to understand the situations we fire upon. This is not our war.
Meanwhile, in Syria - protests continue with security forces firing on their own people, killing and wounding demonstrators. According to Syrian authorities, demonstrations of any kind are strictly prohibited, due to 48 year old emergency law...a cozy dictatorial decree.
Despite the iron hand of the Syrian government, even bigger protests are planned for this coming Friday.
So...should we march in there too? I mean why the fuck not? Obama doesn't even go to congress before sending troops so really all it takes is a laid back phone call from the Oval Office and you've got more little green men suited up and ready to go - taking their corporate check lists with them: profit, kill, profit, kill, profit, get the two-step.

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