Friday, May 27, 2011

The tension triangle

So, last Friday, the White House hosted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Not surprisingly, it was pretty awkward. The visit came just after Obama's speech suggesting Israel revert to its "1967 borders with mutually agreed upon swaps."
Netanyahu (Bibi as he is commonly referred to) was cold and disdainful, glaring at Obama as he spoke. Obama, having a pretty well developed poker face, maintained a diplomatic air but at times grabbed at his chin, leaning, as if it offered support for the grueling ordeal.
The icy visit in and of itself should come as no surprise. Last year, in March, media swarmed around the arrival of Netanyahu. Again, it followed a rather awkward incident ; the snub of Vice President Biden, who during his visit to discuss peace in the region became witness to new apartment construction in the disputed territory of East Jerusalem. The red carpet stayed locked up, Netanyahu stayed at a hotel, no photo ops, no state dinners and no pomp - just awkward circumstances.
When he visited again in July, the meeting appeared artificially warmer and that leads us up to this point.
Here's the thing - in a perfect world, there would be no triangle. There wouldn't even be a state. Before the UN declared Israel a state, Jews and Muslims lived side by side with comparatively no conflict. But understandably, when you tell an entire people, based on their religion, to get the fuck out, tensions mount. Now, the Palestinians aren't angels either, I don't want to suggest that. Both sides are up to their necks in dirt and blood.
But now, with the Arab spring continuing it's freedom train through the region, it's juvenile to think that Palestinians won't want some kind of piece of the action. And to be honest, why the hell not? If Israel can be a state, why not Palestine? Israel is already becoming known as the "Jewish apartheid" around the world - a tricky nickname in a region like that, and a tricky ally for the US, another failure in the Mid-Eastern quagmire.
To begin with, Israel isn't exactly the popular kid at school. They're surrounded by countries that aren't all too fond of them and most keep the "peace" just because they know Big Brother is watching. But now Big Brother isn't just about filial loyalty. In the past, we've had Israel's back pretty much regardless of the circumstances. Now, from a political and even diplomatic standpoint, that can't be the case. With the combination of our own advanced diplomatic grave digging techniques (pun horrifically intended) and the hurricane that is the Arab Spring, something's gotta give.
Peaceful protests continue to mount on the border and Netanyahu seems resolute in his stubbornness regarding Palestinian swaps and agreements. Meanwhile, Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leader has publicly confirmed plans to go to the UN and seek recognition of a Palestinian state. And still, the two parties aren't talking.
Interestingly enough, Netanyahu's issue isn't just with the powers that be - it's with the people. Polls show that most Israelis are OK with the idea of land swaps, the mere mention of which appeared to give Bibi an aneurysm. And while other polls show his popularity soaring after snubbing the big boss in Washington, Arabs will soon outnumber Jews inside Israel's borders, if current birth rates continue.
I'd be all for snubbing Obama too - but don't celebrate a foreign victory when the war's at home.
One of Netanyahu's comments when faced with Obama's suggestion of the pre-1967 six day war outlines was that he does not understand Middle-East history. Fair enough, most Americans don't. To most of us, it's Aladdin, Schwerma and burqas.
In reality, we shouldn't even be fucking around over there. We should be minding our own atrociously cluster-fucked business over here.
One can always fight for hope, right?
Obama aside, the issue in Israel is quickly approaching a boiling point, not something they're unfamiliar with, but these are different times. Allies are harder to come by when surrounding countries are in entrenched in their own tumult.
Abbas and Netanyahu have to work something out or the escalation will turn into an ill-fated climax to the Arab Spring. And Obama's public decree that Israel needs to get over itself did good, but not enough to distance ourselves to the point of getting out of the trenches if the shit hits the fan.
I know diplomacy has taken a bit of a hiatus, since, well, we beat it to death, but it'd be great if it could resurface long enough to save the lives of all the innocent people not even in league with their leaders' stubborn ideals...and that goes for Israel too.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Freedom fries 2.0

I like the French. Their love of food, wine and life coupled with their disdain for dumb Americans, bad fashion and British food makes me smile.
However, their apparent take on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case irks me.
Although I prefer sexual openness to the closed-off taboo American way, there's a difference between being open and getting away with rape and assault.
IMF head, Strauss-Kahn is no stranger to the sexual assault accusation. He's had several in the past: one from the French journalist Tristane Banon who said that Strauss-Kahn tried to rape her during a 2002 interview. He apparently attacked her like a "rutting chimpanzee," ripping her clothes as she kicked and punched him. He was also investigated in 2008 for pressuring a young woman in his employ to have sex with him. Apparently, even his own free-thinking countrymen had issued a warning to Strauss-Kahn about keeping his pants on and not getting into "elevators alone with women."
So, in all respects the rain and wind was indicative of the coming hurricane - can't say it snuck up on him.
Yet at the first cry of wolf, the French media claimed that Strauss-Kahn was being framed, more than likely by Sarkozy and friends, eager to have him off the upcoming ballot.
When that story fizzled and lost lustre, they turned their venom loose on the treatment of Strauss-Kahn ; the fact that he was being paraded in front of cameras in handcuffs, not wearing a tie...yes, I agree - the lack of a tie totally makes the difference between sophisticated Don Juan and creepy rapist.
In France, it is illegal to take pictures of a suspect in handcuffs, in the interest of allowing public opinion to stay neutral, not swayed by images seemingly declaring guilt. However, it is apparently not illegal to be a well known sexual chauvinist. As Olivier Picard commented in the Dernieres Nouvelles d'Alsace, "For years, politicians and many journalists were well aware of DKS's (their pet name for him) 'little weakness.' But in the name of respect for personal privacy, we ignored it and took the risk that there would one day be a disaster." Well Olivier, here it is.
Personally, I don't give a rat's ass if they show the pictures or not, it is immaterial. The issue at hand is his alleged inability to keep his dick to himself and not force it on unwilling victims. And the fact that the French continue to ignore that central subject in favor of handcuffs, a 5 o'clock shadow and the lack of a tie doesn't gives the impression that they, as a people, are not willing to accept these charges as legitimate.
Here's the thing - we may make fun of the French for using infidelity as often as garlic sauce, but this isn't about infidelity, this is about rape. And I have absolutely no problem with their unwillingness to turn into the British media, where celebrities can't even have a big lunch for fear of being called pregnant. But again, this has nothing to do with invasion of privacy. What about the invasion of dignity and body?
French journalists complain that this trial will only lead to more French bashing - a "Freedom fries 2.0" if you will. I disagree. Sure, the dumb shits with about as much education and class as the ones who chanted it in the firs place - they'll definitely jump on the bandwagon again. But for the others, or at least speaking for myself, I didn't even think of blaming France until they shone the spotlight on themselves. I felt it was unacceptable for his previous trespasses to be ignored, but hell, that's not a problem particular to France. If I had a dime for every time I'd heard about US politicians sexually harassing their employees or female acquaintances, (or hey, how about all those children!) I could probably solve this economic crisis single handedly.
France is effectively standing in a waterfall of their own making complaining of being drenched. For example, Ecology Minister Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet said, "There are two victims here. One is alleged: the maid in New York. The other is proven: That is France."
You're literally comparing a few dumb redneck remarks to a woman being forced to oral sex and rape...mais non...
Philippe Boulet-Gercourt wrote in Le Nouvel Observateur, "America has not the slightest atom of sympathy for DSK. To them, he is a Frog suspected of trying to evade American justice by jumping on the first Air France flight out. If he's guilty, DSK will surely get a severe sentence. And even if instead he was the victim of conspiracy, as many French people believe, the Americans will still despise him, because their strong puritanical streak condemns all extramarital relations. In the coming days, we can expect a torrent of headlines and good old cliches about the cowardly and depraved French."
OK, I very, VERY rarely puff up my chest in defense of the US, but come on!
Extramarital affairs?!
Since when was rape classified as an extramarital affair? And are we supposed to have sympathy for a man accused of rape? I don't even have sympathy for most humans, not convicted of anything! And if you suspect conspiracy, show some evidence. When Julian Assange was convicted of rape, Swedish newspapers and media overflowed with evidence as to how that wasn't possible...the SWEDISH media - the ones supposedly accusing him.
If you're gonna throw stones, make sure you're not standing in a glass house.
The US has nothing to gain from fucking with the IMF - in reality, the IMF is a big asset to our crusade-like escapades overseas. If he was the head of an abortion clinic or free condom factory, I could give some slack, but the IMF has enough blood on their hands to be admitted into our club.
For shits and giggles, let's say he was set up. Was he set up on the other ones too? Did his own countrymen issue warnings as part of a master plan to get rid of him?
I don't doubt our ability to fabricate stories. And if this whole string of events is true, I am greatly surprised at the functionality of justice for one maid against the likes of DSK - very shocked.
But it just doesn't seem to me, with all the evidence, that this guy is some misunderstood beacon of French society.
And if he is, I think a more condemning approach to his actions, past and current would keep the angry rednecks they're so afraid of at bay better than defending the honor of a frequently accused sexual assailant.
Protecting a culture is one thing - protecting a criminal is another. Don't give Americans any more fuel for their nationalistic, Franco-phobic fire. Infidelity is not rape. A sexually open culture does not issue a warrant of touch-me, feel-me access to those who embrace it. A sexually closed culture can not be blamed for the accusations of an alleged rape victim. Think before you write, before you speak, before you blindly defend. And maybe some of us will do the same.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A reflecting nation

I remember when I went to my first meditation club meeting (I went to college in Santa Barbara - of course there was a meditation club). The man leading us in meditation was a philosophy professor, specializing in eastern philosophies. I recall him saying that, before we begin, flood your mind with thought - allow the gates to open, hold nothing back and reflect. Reflect upon those thoughts, the good, the bad and the ugly. Allow them to move around your mind however they want. Then get the point.
As I read about the protests today in Spain, I couldn't help but chuckle. Elections take place tomorrow and by law, no protesting or campaigning is allowed the day before elections, as it is to be a day of "reflection." News media typically run stories and ads of candidates hiking or performing other hobbies as a way to wind down after two weeks of intense campaigning. How charmingly Mediterranean.
The joke wasn't lost on the Spaniards either, as many held signs reading such things as: "We're reflecting. Please don't bother us."
Some would say the Arab Spring hopped the Mediterranean and has come now to "civilized" nations. With an unemployment rate of 21.3% (over 40% for youth) and a corrupt political and financial system, most say it's been a long time comin.'
I know I've said this before, but fuck that sounds familiar!
One protester Natividad Garcia said, "They want to leave us without public health and public education. Half of our youth is unemployed and they have raised the age of retirement."
Um...did I drink bleach or could that easily be an American discussing the issues with this country? Only exception is that there really isn't a "retirement age." You can technically retire at 65, but fuck if most people actually can. With an economy so deep in shit, you need scuba gear to find a dollar, the overwhelming majority keep working til they die. Uplifting isn't it?
The Spanish don't think so - a record 10,000 people have camped out, some since May 15th protesting the current situation in Spain. Elections will be held tomorrow, but the Madrid square, Puerta del Sol shows no signs of being cleared out by morning. In fact, many protesters have confirmed that the plan is to stay through the elections.
Juan Lopez, a spokesman for the protest said, "Now on Monday, we have to see how this develops and what the answer is. The best-case scenario, which is the one we would like, is that they will come down here as citizens to hear us, and to make a new and better Spain, a new and better democracy with all of us are together."
That certainly does sound like a best-case scenario. But with tens of thousands of people in Madrid alone, demanding change, it's hard to ignore. Even though the current protests are illegal, no police have shown up, no military. The peaceful protests have gone on without much interference from the government, suggesting there may be more than just a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. The conservative parties are expected to over power the socialist party, now in power.
Tomorrow, 13 out of the 17 regional presidents and parliaments will be elected along with mayors for Spain's 8,000 cities and towns. Needless to say, there's a lot of voting to be done. Protesters hope to keep momentum going until the national elections, due before March of 2012. Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said that he felt particularly singled out in the protests against Spain's political system. Well yeah, I can see that. However, as we know, it's not just the tip of the iceberg that's to fault for a sinking ship. It's a collective effort (or lack thereof) to throw a country into economic despair.
Regardless of whether the Arab world is contagious or Facebook's activist power is insurmountable, I'm cheering for the Spanish.
Any people that takes an interest in their country, any people who takes the initiative to make their voices heard can effect change. It's only US vs. Them until Them becomes a representation of US. Of course there's no utopia where everyone is happy and kumba-ya is the national anthem (although I don't find that song very Utopian) but an engaged people is the biggest threat to a corrupt government. An educated, involved people is the birth place of democracy. Corruption loves a stupid mass...US.
Viva EspaƱa.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The faith of politics

It's not easy being a vehement moderate, a progressive activist. The very basis of activism suggests some kind of extremist background that pushes you into the ring, your ideologies guiding your sword against the evils of those who disagree.
Yeah, that's not me. I don't own weapons and I use logic and debate as my weapons...the pen (or in today's world, the keypad) is mightier than the sword.
I am highly opinionated and hold on to truth and fact as often as possible. I make it a point to constantly question what I think so that I do not fall into a quagmire of my own beliefs. Politics as faith is no different than a God based faith - if anything, it's more dangerous. Religion never claimed to be logic based - politics are supposed to be based on logic, debate, compromise, diplomacy. When your platform becomes your holy writ, your political stance becomes a religion, a faith, and all who stand outside are wrong, even evil. And from that is born extremist movements that weaken the body politic with every God guided punch from their corner.
Unfortunately, most politicians these days fall under that category. Ron Paul is such a man.
For the past 30 years, he's held on to his viewpoints, unwavering through thick and thin, fact and fiction. His never-ending crusade against the Fed, his loony tune tirades about free markets, smaller government, no taxes, and liquidation of half the Federal agencies. I do appreciate his support of ending all military activity overseas, but if that ever happens, I'll have to check how much of his legalized heroin I've been shooting up.
Hailing himself as the father of the Tea Party, the rise of it's popularity suggests there may be strengthened support for someone like him in the upcoming elections. Obama's continued shuffle to the right gives extremist right-wingers the chance to stand up as "true Republicans," distancing themselves from the ever encroaching evil Democrats.
Meanwhile, polling suggests that the bulk of Americans don't actually support the fringe ideals of the Tea Party and friends.
There's been a recent backlash from the public in regards to the Health Care Bill and even Rep. Ryan's sea of support has evaporated into mere pools after public opinion showed his ideas little affection.
To get into a party war, the Republicans have weak leadership and are fractured between right and extreme right, allowing for more room but also more infighting. The Democrats are just weak from top to bottom. Their ability to govern with any semblance of a spine is about as effective as a doggie door in an elephant cage. Yet there is no hope for a third party, at least not now. The civil war in the ranks of the Republicans may break into a third party but it would soon disband and be swallowed by one of the terror twins.
And yet as polls show Americans drifting more towards the center, progressively thinking (if not apathetically), the political stage is still awash with partisan banter, extremist views and an impassable no-mans land in between. As seen in recent attempts at legislation and governance, extremist ideologies hold no place in politics. There is no room for pedestals made of unwavering beliefs that you are right and "they" are wrong.
But as long as that faith holds fast, as long as those beliefs stand firm, our country will make less progress than a drunk turtle at a Nascar race.
I don't expect Ron Paul to become president - I don't think he'll win the Republican nomination either. But the recent Republican gun slingers taking the stage against Obama shows an interesting trend in the rise of extremist viewpoints among that party: Gingrich, Paul, Trump - like I said, perhaps a direct reaction to the bi-partisan, spineless trend in the Democratic party. As usual, I think both sides are fucked. I predict that Obama will win a second term but not as a shoo-in. Just as Clinton beat out Bush after his "impressive" show of power in Kuwait, the bottom line is that domestic issues are showing a much more questionable trial and error report card than the simplistic one-shot-to-the-head escapade in Pakistan.
Political faith and what the Republicans/Tea Party have brewing scares me. But political apathy scares me even more. The biggest threat to any government is a people who think. The biggest threat to a faith is people who think. Read, research, learn, react, Do Something.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pics for thought...

New video blog will be up by the morning. Check it out on YouTube and the underground music and media mecca, Atomic the meantime...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fast Blast: News 5.6.11

While you nurse your Friday hangovers and wonder why you had to eat 2 whole burritos, here's something to rival the headache brewing from the depths of tekilya hell :)
Now, contrary to popular belief, there is a whole world happening outside of the latest bullshit soaked lie, fabricated in order to tear us away from those pressing issues. Obama's visit to ground zero and the incessant news blasts about Bin Laden have pushed all other stories far below the surface, where most Americans never go. So, here's a little break from the bullshit for a few minutes - here's some actual factual finds from the world outside :)

Wikileaks latest: New documents released by Wikileaks portrays a horrific scene of abuse, torture, fatal errors and misjudgements in Guantanamo Bay, the detention center for suspected terrorists created during W's presidency. Not that this comes to any real surprise but as always suspicions are one thing, cold, hard facts in writing are another. Documents detail how suspected terrorists were "leashed like a dog, sexually humiliated and forced to urinate on himself ; had their heads forced into toilets, used as human sponges to wipe the floor, beaten unconscious by interrogators." The documents further show how the testimony of merely eight detainees, under torture and in writing deemed "unreliable," were used to justify the continued imprisonment of more than 225 prisoners. More than likely because of not in spite of their time in Gitmo, more than 25% of the 600 released captives have since rejoined al Qaida or other militant anti-US groups. Wow, I'm so glad that Obama decided to backtrack on his word and keep that hell hole open. I just have a few questions for you readers to mull over: 1. Who the fuck is administering these punishments? What sick fuck did they dig up - even Hitlers crooked scientist would be impressed. 2. How does brutally torturing SUSPECTED terrorists equal finding and bringing to justice the real ones? If eight guys can attest to the moral quality of 225 men, don't you think they could fabricate some random shit to get you to stop raping them with a baseball bat? This is one deep, dark stain on what's left of our moral fiber, that will come back to haunt us, if it hasn't already.

The cradle will rock: The Arab spring continues to find the Syrian regime allergic to a freedom hungry people. The death toll rises and human rights activists suspect that since mid March, more than 500 people have been killed, and 2,500 arrested by Syrian security forces. However, as with most things, the more violence used to deter, the more headstrong push you will get back. Syria is no different. Protesters say that previously apathetic or uninvolved citizens are now becoming involved in the movement, disgusted by the actions of the Syrian regime. The EU has responded by placing travel bans and asset freezes on 13 senior members of the Syrian government. At least nobody's calling in the cavalry. The US has condemned the actions of the Syrian government as "deplorable" and worthy of "strong international response." You know how it is, if the bully can't go out and play, they wanna send someone else in. STAY THE FUCK OUT OF THERE! EVERYONE! If the UN wants to send in some human rights groups to tally up the atrocities, fine. But let's not add to the atrocities by bombing god knows what and who like we're doing in Libya - which by the way, the US isn't "officially" involved in, but I'll bet you 10 to 1, those drones have US written all along the side of that gleaming steal body. And the cradle will rock...

A Robin Hood dilemma: Wouldn't it be great if just taxing the rich and giving to the poor would solve our problems? But it won't. Under Obama's plan to raise taxes only for those making above $250,000/year, the US would still accrue billions of dollars of deficit each year, indefinitely. Same goes for slasher Rep. Ryan whose plan is to throw old folks and cripples out with the bathwater. The painful truth is that unless we ALL pay higher taxes AND accept cuts to certain areas of our budget, we'll be fucked - indefinitely...or until the S&P rating drops, our economy (and the world's) takes a nose dive and no amount of killing lost terrorists will bounce it back up. And as much as I am a fan of life, people live too long and we're too unhealthy as we fight to hold on to a few more fry-filled Fridays with the grand kids. Yes, I'm going after the boomers. They're living longer than their predecessors thus putting a strain on the system, taking out more money than they ever put in for Medicare. So, along with just being a healthier fucking country, we need to re-evaluate what costs really are, not just in Medicare but across the board. Our business plan is old - it hails from a time when decisions were made in Washington. Instead of having pissing contests in the halls of the mighty, shit got done. It might be time to try that again...before nutritionists can only recommend condensed milk or freeze dried meat.

No government?: Belgium has now gone an entire year without a government. Elections were held in the spring of 2010 giving the Flemish nationalist party - a party based on secession - the largest share in Parliament ; it wants to sever ties with Flanders, the rich, Dutch-speaking north and Wallonia, the poor, French-speaking south. However, the party leader, Bart De Wever has been unable to form a governing coalition since his election, mostly due to his extremist views. Parties in Flanders are hesitant to form a coalition without him, considering his overwhelming popularity there - they are also reluctant to hold elections, worried that he could secure the majority there. Not much news from the South, but hey - fuck the poor. However, judging by the past year and Belgium's only slight shudder from the global recession, evidence suggests that the caretaker administration appointed by King Albert II is doing just fine. So maybe a monarchy is the way to go...democracy doesn't seem to work for us...King...Trump? Oh fuck.

Radioactive: Radiation levels have hit an all time high outside the Fukushima plant since the March cooling system knockout. Unsure of where the high radiation is coming from, TEPCO, the Japanese utility, may not be able to flood the containment vessel of reactor No. 1 - b/c if said radiation is from contaminated water leaking from inside the reactor, flooding it with more water will only increase radiation levels. The Japanese gov't has now issued a mandatory evacuation to five towns just outside the 12-mile zone...sushi anyone?

Human Nature?: More than 20,000 Cambodian civilians fled as Thai and Cambodian troops slap-dashed shells across the vaguely marked border, fighting awkwardly planned skirmishes along the way. This marks the second border conflict between the two countries this year - in February, 10 soldiers were killed near Preah Vihear, an 11-th century Hindu temple claimed by both countries, but awarded to Cambodia by an international court in 1962...well, look at that - religion and international rulings fucking up the relations of two countries...shit, sounds so familiar...where have I heard...? Ah, total block...anyway...this weeks fighting started at two other temples and moved towards the disputed Preah Vihear. Of course, both sides blame the other for starting the whole thing and peace talks look about as promising as they do in Israel - ha, got it, that's the one!

So, seeing the above stories and the header of the last one...what do you think? Is it human nature to fight over logic-less beliefs, to take to violent rage when our brains can no longer handle the situation with reason? In all fairness, you can't handle religion with reason. Anything faith based precludes the use of reason and logic, because it requires blind faith in something you can not prove or disprove with logic or reason. A vicious cycle. And as much as I hate God-based religion, politically-based religion is no kinder a beast. Our current economic situation for example: these peoples budget proposals are their gospel. They don't want to budge - these proposals represent their party, their dogma, their morals. They can not be reasoned with. As my father says in his recent book on the Civil War, "you can not compromise with sin." When politics take on the facade of a faith, a holy writ, as Chomsky says in his new book, the wrath and violence that will descend on people because of that can be likened to an apocalyptic rage. I hope, before the four horseman of reasonless ideologies descend upon us, we give logic a chance - she's been quiet for so long...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

So what?

10 years, 2 wars, 919,967 deaths, and $1,188,263,000,000 later...mission accomplished. Oh wait, somebody already used that, we did it - victory, hurray, woo hoo...
Pardon my cynicism, but so what?
We managed to kill a guy who hasn't done dick squat in the past 10 years with still fresh payment stubs from the CIA...
Will this bring back the 18 and 19 year olds whose names I rubber banded to wooden crosses in the sand?
Will this bring back the people slaughtered on 9/11, slaughtered in embassies in Africa, the civilians bombed in drones across Pakistan and Afghanistan?
Well, no, but propaganda dictates that this development is a giant leap in the war on terror. And that this provides bandages for wounded pride and emotions ripped open by horrific events.
I hope all people whose lives were burned by this monster find comfort in his death.
I don't.
Again, pardon my cynicism but how do we miss a 6 foot something vigilante hooked up to a dialysis machine for over 10 years?
And why is it that when things seem really fucked up in our national body politic that we manage to find some amazing good news or a tremendous catastrophe or war to focus all attention on?
And how about his hiding spot? A mansion only 60 miles outside the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, a city of 80,000 people, Abbottabad. No navy seals were injured, no civilians hurt - just the bad guy and a poor woman the evil ones used as a human shield. I'm sorry, but this whole story sounds like the fine weavings of a talented Hollywood screenwriter.
Of course, Obama and friends was sure to mention how this was an a-political victory and how being united moving forward will save us all (paraphrasing). If it's so a-political, why mention it? And how convenient that you're just now building your 2012 re-election campaign. You might think that's going too far, but I'll take bets now to whether that's on the re-election banner or not.
In reality, I'm glad it's over. The hate that over-ran us poured out onto innocent soldiers and civilians, both here and in the Middle East, paying with their lives, their mental and emotional health - this has done far more bad than good.
The question is, now what? OK, this man is dead, but you can't simply close the book on terrorism. As I said, Bin Laden wasn't a major player anymore - how could he be, holed up in this mansion with no technology to reach his minions? The real threat: the masses of people setting out to avenge his death, after years of non-stop bombings on their homes, wars ravaging their countries...
My heart goes out to all the people effected by the attacks on 9/11, the wars in the Middle East and all other political tragedies.
So yes, celebrate if you want. If it makes you feel better, I am glad for you.
But for me, this does nothing but highlight our inefficiencies, our ability for storytelling and twisted truths, and our downfall as a people to always accept and never question.