Friday, May 6, 2011

Fast Blast: News 5.6.11

While you nurse your Friday hangovers and wonder why you had to eat 2 whole burritos, here's something to rival the headache brewing from the depths of tekilya hell :)
Now, contrary to popular belief, there is a whole world happening outside of the latest bullshit soaked lie, fabricated in order to tear us away from those pressing issues. Obama's visit to ground zero and the incessant news blasts about Bin Laden have pushed all other stories far below the surface, where most Americans never go. So, here's a little break from the bullshit for a few minutes - here's some actual factual finds from the world outside :)

Wikileaks latest: New documents released by Wikileaks portrays a horrific scene of abuse, torture, fatal errors and misjudgements in Guantanamo Bay, the detention center for suspected terrorists created during W's presidency. Not that this comes to any real surprise but as always suspicions are one thing, cold, hard facts in writing are another. Documents detail how suspected terrorists were "leashed like a dog, sexually humiliated and forced to urinate on himself ; had their heads forced into toilets, used as human sponges to wipe the floor, beaten unconscious by interrogators." The documents further show how the testimony of merely eight detainees, under torture and in writing deemed "unreliable," were used to justify the continued imprisonment of more than 225 prisoners. More than likely because of not in spite of their time in Gitmo, more than 25% of the 600 released captives have since rejoined al Qaida or other militant anti-US groups. Wow, I'm so glad that Obama decided to backtrack on his word and keep that hell hole open. I just have a few questions for you readers to mull over: 1. Who the fuck is administering these punishments? What sick fuck did they dig up - even Hitlers crooked scientist would be impressed. 2. How does brutally torturing SUSPECTED terrorists equal finding and bringing to justice the real ones? If eight guys can attest to the moral quality of 225 men, don't you think they could fabricate some random shit to get you to stop raping them with a baseball bat? This is one deep, dark stain on what's left of our moral fiber, that will come back to haunt us, if it hasn't already.

The cradle will rock: The Arab spring continues to find the Syrian regime allergic to a freedom hungry people. The death toll rises and human rights activists suspect that since mid March, more than 500 people have been killed, and 2,500 arrested by Syrian security forces. However, as with most things, the more violence used to deter, the more headstrong push you will get back. Syria is no different. Protesters say that previously apathetic or uninvolved citizens are now becoming involved in the movement, disgusted by the actions of the Syrian regime. The EU has responded by placing travel bans and asset freezes on 13 senior members of the Syrian government. At least nobody's calling in the cavalry. The US has condemned the actions of the Syrian government as "deplorable" and worthy of "strong international response." You know how it is, if the bully can't go out and play, they wanna send someone else in. STAY THE FUCK OUT OF THERE! EVERYONE! If the UN wants to send in some human rights groups to tally up the atrocities, fine. But let's not add to the atrocities by bombing god knows what and who like we're doing in Libya - which by the way, the US isn't "officially" involved in, but I'll bet you 10 to 1, those drones have US written all along the side of that gleaming steal body. And the cradle will rock...

A Robin Hood dilemma: Wouldn't it be great if just taxing the rich and giving to the poor would solve our problems? But it won't. Under Obama's plan to raise taxes only for those making above $250,000/year, the US would still accrue billions of dollars of deficit each year, indefinitely. Same goes for slasher Rep. Ryan whose plan is to throw old folks and cripples out with the bathwater. The painful truth is that unless we ALL pay higher taxes AND accept cuts to certain areas of our budget, we'll be fucked - indefinitely...or until the S&P rating drops, our economy (and the world's) takes a nose dive and no amount of killing lost terrorists will bounce it back up. And as much as I am a fan of life, people live too long and we're too unhealthy as we fight to hold on to a few more fry-filled Fridays with the grand kids. Yes, I'm going after the boomers. They're living longer than their predecessors thus putting a strain on the system, taking out more money than they ever put in for Medicare. So, along with just being a healthier fucking country, we need to re-evaluate what costs really are, not just in Medicare but across the board. Our business plan is old - it hails from a time when decisions were made in Washington. Instead of having pissing contests in the halls of the mighty, shit got done. It might be time to try that again...before nutritionists can only recommend condensed milk or freeze dried meat.

No government?: Belgium has now gone an entire year without a government. Elections were held in the spring of 2010 giving the Flemish nationalist party - a party based on secession - the largest share in Parliament ; it wants to sever ties with Flanders, the rich, Dutch-speaking north and Wallonia, the poor, French-speaking south. However, the party leader, Bart De Wever has been unable to form a governing coalition since his election, mostly due to his extremist views. Parties in Flanders are hesitant to form a coalition without him, considering his overwhelming popularity there - they are also reluctant to hold elections, worried that he could secure the majority there. Not much news from the South, but hey - fuck the poor. However, judging by the past year and Belgium's only slight shudder from the global recession, evidence suggests that the caretaker administration appointed by King Albert II is doing just fine. So maybe a monarchy is the way to go...democracy doesn't seem to work for us...King...Trump? Oh fuck.

Radioactive: Radiation levels have hit an all time high outside the Fukushima plant since the March cooling system knockout. Unsure of where the high radiation is coming from, TEPCO, the Japanese utility, may not be able to flood the containment vessel of reactor No. 1 - b/c if said radiation is from contaminated water leaking from inside the reactor, flooding it with more water will only increase radiation levels. The Japanese gov't has now issued a mandatory evacuation to five towns just outside the 12-mile zone...sushi anyone?

Human Nature?: More than 20,000 Cambodian civilians fled as Thai and Cambodian troops slap-dashed shells across the vaguely marked border, fighting awkwardly planned skirmishes along the way. This marks the second border conflict between the two countries this year - in February, 10 soldiers were killed near Preah Vihear, an 11-th century Hindu temple claimed by both countries, but awarded to Cambodia by an international court in 1962...well, look at that - religion and international rulings fucking up the relations of two countries...shit, sounds so familiar...where have I heard...? Ah, total block...anyway...this weeks fighting started at two other temples and moved towards the disputed Preah Vihear. Of course, both sides blame the other for starting the whole thing and peace talks look about as promising as they do in Israel - ha, got it, that's the one!

So, seeing the above stories and the header of the last one...what do you think? Is it human nature to fight over logic-less beliefs, to take to violent rage when our brains can no longer handle the situation with reason? In all fairness, you can't handle religion with reason. Anything faith based precludes the use of reason and logic, because it requires blind faith in something you can not prove or disprove with logic or reason. A vicious cycle. And as much as I hate God-based religion, politically-based religion is no kinder a beast. Our current economic situation for example: these peoples budget proposals are their gospel. They don't want to budge - these proposals represent their party, their dogma, their morals. They can not be reasoned with. As my father says in his recent book on the Civil War, "you can not compromise with sin." When politics take on the facade of a faith, a holy writ, as Chomsky says in his new book, the wrath and violence that will descend on people because of that can be likened to an apocalyptic rage. I hope, before the four horseman of reasonless ideologies descend upon us, we give logic a chance - she's been quiet for so long...

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