Monday, November 21, 2011

It's not you, it's me

Don't fret-i haven't gone from activist to relationship consultant. Although I am going to give some harsh criticism - constructive, but harsh - to the splintered and dysfunctional relationship between our government and we, the people.
To be blunt, what the fuck happened?!
When did it go from well oiled machine to a oil greased, dream crushing, hope destroying, trust raping greed machine?
The answer to that is obviously not a simple one, nor is it immediate-it spans decades of bad decisions and bought legislation-but the clincher-the real catalyst for our trip down democracy death row, has been our own apathy.

Tough to hear? Well it doesn't get easier.

Jonathan Turley in a recent article in the Washington Post, commented on a new initiative set forth by President Obama that would no longer require a warrant to affix a GPS tracker to your car.
The argument being that if you have nothing to hide, why do you care-and of course, the fear factory's favorite catch phrase: it'll make you safer.
If you, like me, are tempted to scream bullshit at an obnoxiously loud volume-save it, and consider this.
Since 9/11, our right to privacy has diminished by extreme leaps and bounds. In fact, it is now completely legal for the government to spy on you of you exhibit "hyper-critical" or "extreme" viewpoints agains the government. Furthermore, if they feel your comments are threatening, they are legally allowed to throw you in jail without due course. Evidence? Nah-we're makin us safer!
Feels good doesn't it?

As I'm sure you've noticed, a good portion of the country is "hyper-critical"
of the government right now. In fact, in a recent poll, approval of Congress is at 9% whilst approval for a Communist government here in the US of A is at 11%. Glad I got my festive red dress ready.

So red herrings aside, the real issue here is that, if approval of Congress is so low-mostly due to their inability to get dick doodle done-why are we not making a stink about the cow patties they are passing as law?
And why are we not making smarter choices and more distinct plans on how to gain those rights and equalities we so eagerly spray paint on signs.
Really-what gives?
It's so childishly simple to march around blaming government for its trespasses against us-throwing stones at corporate goons in the halls of the mighty. But we're standing in a glass house.
The fact of the matter is that no government has ever listened to a people unless they demand it. Its not in the makeup of human nature to use power wisely-that's why the people's job is to work those checks and balances, to ensure our rights, freedoms and safety.
As of yet, we haven't pushed government, much less their corporate puppet masters, to give two shits about our disenfranchised 99%.
Our movements are too splintered and disorganized and our message is too vague.
Until we put enough effort into looking out for the 99%, we can't be surprised by our governments unwillingness to do so.
Money talks. We gotta talk louder-louder and coherently-else we're doomed to the same downward spiral sucking our country towards total meltdown, courtesy, ironically of the 99%.

Think. React. Do Something.

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