Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Burned by the sun...

Call me crazy. Many have.
It's been suggested that i'm lazy, complaining and a downright drag.
I sit and I write, concocting a fight -
in my head, that I dread –
will never see the light -
of day.
There's apathy here -
festering in the open air -
of reality – no shade -
getting burned by the sun -
all we think to do is run -
so the bad news won't hit us -
the evil escape us -
and we emerge unscathed
on the other side of rage.
But you can't skip that step
where you won't give but you get -
the perfect world, that polished pearl -
the future you planned in your dreams
it ripped at the seams
and you won't pick up the needle to sew
to move forward and grow
or tear it down to start again -
just act!
Instead you sit in your left, you stall in your right -
you flip flop and see saw, abide by the fucked laws -
and whine when you can't have your way -
but who has your say?
The ones in the boardrooms -
the slick and sly tycoons -
may sound cliché but check.
No really, I want you to
go google and yahoo -
I want to be wrong – prove me wrong.

This world's going down
to the sound
of our silence
infighting, violence -
the wallets on wall street just laugh.
A brilliant dark craft -
the buck just gets passed -
to figureheads bought and sold -
and a drying hard mold -
burned by the sun -
harder to crack
the more we relax
so sit back and wait
the end quickens its pace
rushing towards our shrugging fat race
sitting under the weight
of dictatorial fate -
learning to breathe through gasps
ignoring imploring relapse
our noted division
a vicious addiction
to being told
who we are
what we know.

far be it from me
to change what you see
all I can do is suggest -
but if taken in jest
as most all will do
it's nothing to you
nor to me
so I might as well keep
these thoughts to myself
if all that they'll reap
is a place on the shelf
by morals and ethics and
ideas by dead presidents -
i'm not here just to be read.
I'm here to set fire
to make us move higher
above what we think we can do -
for why would they spend
the time and the money
to paint things so sunny
if they didn't fear the storm?

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