Thursday, March 11, 2010

Questions answered

I recently had a comment posted on one of my youtube videos with several important questions. I wanted to share those questions and my answers here on the blog. Continuously questioning people and ideologies around you and even in the mirror is vital to facilitating change.

The video focused on the Tea Party and former governor Palin being their ironic figurehead.

Palin's BS aside, what specifically do you mean by extremist? Isn't revolution as politically extreme as it gets? What should we be meeting in the middle of? What about people who want different things?


thanks for watching and the questions. an extremist to me is anyone who clings to one ideology with no willingness to hear arguments against their own viewpoints, or work with people who do not wholly adhere to one fanatical school of thought. meeting in the middle, in terms of leaving the left and right out of it. we're americans. our passports don't say republican or democrat. in reality, even those who are members of a party are moderate in their views, progressive in their thinking.
if we can be informed, active citizens, then i truly believe that we have the ability to facilitate change. we may all have different backgrounds, histories. i might want something from life that you don't. that doesn't matter. what matters is that i doubt either one of us wants to be fucked over by corporate america and the very people we put into power to help us, not abandon our needs and critical issues.
again, thanks for watching. hope to see you at our skype chat on sunday 14th, 5pm

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