Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm not a conspiracy theorist.

I don't think aliens built the pyramids, I think we've just devolved. I don't think milk is a government plot to give women osteoporosis and ruin singing careers, I just think it's stupid to drink the milk of another animal after you've been weened. I do think, however, that coincidences are your brains way of telling you to pay attention and look again. I talk a lot of shit, but hopefully it's taken as intellectual shit talking, emotion stirring, thought provoking shit talking. I saw this video and wanted to share it. Aside from the glaring, dispicable coincidences, it is yet another example of how the government can railroad any people: socialist, communist, monarchic, democratic, republican, if the people are misinformed and/or dumb enough to let them. Yeah, that's us. Don't Enjoy.

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