Sunday, August 22, 2010

Religion ruins everything

This wouldn't necessarily be true in a country where people educated themselves on the ills of religion while accepting and respecting the good (if any) that can come of them. However, we are not that country. Unfortunately, with our population and pull, that's an especially bad place to be standing in. If you haven't noticed the headlines in the past few weeks, there seems to be a mass hysteria enveloping the proposed Muslim center in new york which has in turn somehow fueled heated discussions regarding President Obama's true religious beliefs. Of course, not missing a chance to pounce on the idealistic combo of religion and race, the religious right has been shooting off vehement commentary denouncing Obama as an evil Muslim. In the words of Franklin Graham, “The teaching of Islam is to hate the Jew, to hate the Christian, to kill them. Their goal is world domination.”
Hmmm, I guess good old Graham hasn't read the passage in the Qoran where Muhammed preaches to his followers to accept those who do not see eye to eye with them, that they will come across believers from other walks of life and they should be civil and respectful. But oh wait, maybe he could've read that if the religious right didn't BBQ books rather than reading them. I smell the familiar scent of Nazis and burnt paper...
Since we Americans gobble up everything fed to us by the trick dealing hand of the media, recent polls show a significant spike in the number of Americans who believe that Obama is in fact Muslim. Furthermore, even those who don't think he's Muslim don't necessarily think he's Christian...I say he's Wickan...I mean why the fuck not?
In the 60s, some Americans were afraid that JFK would dig a tunnel to Rome, now we're afraid Obama has a couple secret service guys digging their way to Mecca between coffee breaks. What the fuck people?
As usual, right and left continue to go back and forth: he is, no he's not, he is, no he's not, he is...shut the fuck up! Who gives a dick stick whether he goes to church every sunday? I personally don't care if he goes to mosque, or temple or any where else. He can pray to his coffee maker if it makes him a better leader.
I will never understand the average American's incessant curiosity with everything about the president other than his presidency. Yeah, he sent another 50,000 troops to Afghanistan? Whatever, did you see his vacation photos? Yeah, he signed a health care bill? That's nice - what about this Muslim thing?
Meanwhile, peace loving Muslims here and around the world are shaking their heads at our ignorant arrogance and terrorists are finding more fodder for their hate with every newscast we send over our sickened airwaves. Islam is not the Muslim religion. Extremism is not synonymous with Muslim religion. Islamists are crazy fucks who took the Qoran, burned the pages, and stuck their own psycho manifesto in the same if you think about it, our religious right and their religious right has way more in common than the poor bastards imbetween...

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