Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fast blast: News 1.19.11

I'm introducing a new news update. Since there's oh so much shit going on in the world, it's difficult to decide on just one topic to cover. Erego, I'm going to do periodic fast blasts, where I give updates on several news stories from the day, from various sources, bullet point style.
This way, you can get more info in less time so there's more time to go change the world.

Lieberman announces retirement: The Democratic turned independent turned Republican turned whatever the fuck he wants to be called has decided he's happy with what he's accomplished and won't be returning for another term in 2012. In 2000, he was Al Gore's running mate and 8 years later he ran across the aisle to support McCain - not my favorite guy in the world and certainly don't see eye to eye with him on everything, but his apparent ease at choosing his own values over his parties is a trend I'd like to see more of.
Chinese President Hu visiting White House: In a seemingly more diplomatic and amicable meeting than the one in November, Hu and Obama hold a joint press conference discussing the two superpowers' diplomatic relationship. Obama said earlier today that this trip marks the foundation for the next 30 years of ties between the two countries. Of course, not to be outshone, Americas corporate interests (such as GE, Coca-Cola and Boeing) have made time with the presidents to discuss business deals with the US reaching more than $48 billion. Other topics on the table at tonight's state dinner include human rights, trade, currency and North Korea.
Health Care bill up for repeal: The House will more than likely vote to repeal, the Senate won't. Either way, Obama will exercise his veto if it gets to him. Most Republicans have come to terms with the implausibility of a straight repeal but say they will try to cut funding to parts of the bill or eliminate specific provisions in the months ahead. Aka, Republicans will probably lose this battle, but they refuse to lose the fight in fucking you over. Democrats are always happy to help - welcome to your government :)
Palin still on the war path: After suggestions that she should "sit down and shut up," Palin angrily contends that she won't. Unfortunately, even after her incendiary "blood libel" mishap and various other tweets, facebook posts and blogs, Palin's political career isn't dwindling as fast as respect for her is. She's a disaster, has no experience or real knowledge of national let alone international politics. However, her constituents represent the dangerous group of Americans who are exactly the same: not educated on social or political issues, don't care about international diplomacy, don't like change and cling to the rights they like and dismiss the ones that get in the way. If she gains a seat of any political power, our devolution as a country will take one giant leap closer to a deadly tail spin.
Iran trigger happy with executions: Since the beginning of the year, Iran has executed 57 prisoners, averaging one every 8 hours. This is only the reported executions. The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran suggests that particularly Kurdish activists are among the many unreported hangings. The reasons why this sudden surge of executions is unclear, but it can only be assumed that Iran wants to show muscle, and indifference to UN and other human rights organizations.
Bolivia pushes to lift ban on coca: The leaves which are used to make cocaine are currently on the UN's list of banned substances. Bolivians are pushing to have that revoked, saying that the leaves have health benefits. Of course the US will oppose this move at revocation. In my humble opinion, if you legalized all drugs that can be snorted, sniffed, popped, injected, and smoked, you could open up a billion dollar industry that would ultimately reduce crime, increase jobs and income and scale back at least some of our dependence on corporate drug companies' poison.

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