Friday, January 7, 2011

Greatest country in the world?

I usually peruse a few sites and headlines before deciding on one story to cover. Today I couldn't choose just one...
-US to send 1,400 more Marines to Afghanistan
-Hedge Funds spend $10 Million to help GOP win election
-Census: 48 million Americans living in poverty.
As I read through these three, I had a brain aneurysm. I was somewhere in the hellish purgatory between the emotional states of anger, disbelief and sadness. How? Why? What the fuck is going on? Who the fuck is letting all this shit happen? Who authorized - how could they - 48 million? 1,400 more - after the bloodiest year on record? $10 million? Who's responsible for all this?
That's when I got that sick feeling in my stomach - like I'd scraped the cheese off a large pizza and slid it down my throat all at once. Yep, it's our fault.
Not to get too Catholic, and self deprecating, but let's be honest. We have disintegrated fast. No one forced us to stand and watch as our country spiraled into a shit hole, clawing at our rights and freedoms as it got sucked into the vortex of liberty's lamentation.
1 in 6 Americans now lives in poverty. Ummm...what? A significant number over the age of 65 due to the rise in medical costs. Simultaneously, if you head on over to, you can see that our Middle East check is above $1,134,426,550,000 and climbing rapidly. Is that trillion? Fuck, I don't think they even taught us how to abstractly count that high in calculus. Then again, I was privileged enough to get a good education - the poor kids coming up these days probably will never know what calculus even means. It will be just as abstract and distant as the thought of socialized medicine and getting to see their grandpa's 80th birthday, because we will have become too poor, fat, diseased and apathetic to make it much further.
They'll get a half rate education and then be sent away to offer their lives at the altar of corporate gains, hoping at least to get a few semesters of free education out of it. And if they do make it to the other side, they'll come home to flag waving dick sticks who pocket $10 million so that they can reciprocally keep the cycle of top 1% wealth, arrogance, and back stabbing thievery going.
God bless the USA!
Really?! How the hell did this happen? When did we get to the point, as a people, that we allow our own government, to kill our children, financially torture almost 50 million people and use our hard earned money to finance a corporate playground of deceit and destruction? Are we really OK with this?
Can we glance over these headlines without stopping to question...
Is this right?
Is this normal now?!
Is the extent of corporate influence only matched by the extent of our apathy?
How many more headlines do we have to read before our brains disallow this behaviour?
Alone, it doesn't seem like we can do a damn thing. But, after all, it's WE the people, isn't it? You don't have to have a precise, day by day plan as to how to overthrow the evils of the world, but for fucks sake, something...Do something.

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