Monday, February 28, 2011

Labor pains

No matter how this ends, it's gonna be a damn ugly baby.
Wisconsin broke the water and now it seems that all over the country, state unions are reluctantly entertaining the idea of giving up wages, benefits and work rules in order to keep their most basic bargaining rights.
Collective bargaining is the corner stone of unions. Without that, there's really no point to even having them. And that is the point of of this war.
I agree that Unions can be a royal pain in the ass - but not having them would prove to be a bigger pain in the ass.
Of course, not for the thick walleted law makers barreling through our rights like a fat kid through cake. According to Republicans, these public sector unions are sucking funds out of the states unnecessarily. Furthermore, their popularity in those states has greatly declined since many private sector workers find the job protection, health benefits and pension plans of public workers unfair... is that a fucking argument?
Daddy, the big corporations aren't being nice to me so I don't think you should be nice people who work for you! That makes total sense! Meanwhile, Obama is further letting up on corporations so they won't have to spend their hard earned money on protecting their workers. His plan to allow the Health Care Bill to be more of a suggestion than actual law makes for yet another avenue for corporations to skirt their responsibility and pocket a few extra dollars on the back end.
The Bahamas are lovely this time of year I hear...
What the fuck?! Really?!
Once again, these incredibly far removed pompous ticks in suits carrying a wall street journal are on their way to rape and rob the average American.
I'd like to blame it all on the newcomer Republicans, pumping their chests after a win in November. But unfortunately, both sides, as usual are to blame.
Governors on the left and the right have made the case against unions, stating that public workers are overpaid and have far too generous health and pension plans.
So, what do their constituents have to say?
A full 71% of those polled said that they were against weakening the collective bargaining rights of public unions. In fact, a recent poll suggests that while the majority of Americans don't love public employee unions, they are not in support of weakening or all-together stripping them of their collective bargaining rights.
It gets better - you know how these flag waving jack-offs are always promising not to raise taxes? In the same recent poll, Americans said that they actually prefer raising taxes to cutting benefits and pay to public workers - dirty fucking socialists...oh wait, that's us.
You mean, we the people, want to help, we the people...? That's just too fucking weird.
Underneath these clouds of apathy, underneath the veils of nonchalant, laissez-faire arrogance, there is a group of Americans who don't want to see corporate America steal our last breaths of freedom and the pursuit of happiness?
Damn...well, if that's true, then couldn't we, possibly, just maybe...Do Something...?

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