Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So, Obama guaranteed new loans (from what I don't know) for nuclear power plants yesterday. He said that he hoped the creation of a new nuclear power plant, the first in 30 years, would help the US to ween itself off of foreign energy.
Before we all jump up and wave the flag and chant Obama, let's think about what this entails. Here's the basic rundown: after uranium has been used in a nuclear reactor, the spent fuel remains radioactive for thousands of years. It is taken out and put into a pool of water, or above ground in canisters made of concrete, steel, and lead. Nuclear power plants aren't the green energy we should be focusing on. Last I checked we have a surplus of other options that don't create radioactive waste.
I'm not here to say that every nuclear power plant will turn into Chernobyl, but is it not possible? I fail to see what cataclysmic disaster can befall the world if a windmill breaks. We currently have 70,000 tons of radioactive waste stored at more than 100 nuclear sites around the country, and 2,000 tons are added every year. And we are not coming up with any answers as to how we can reduce our waste and protect future generations from radioactivity.
Obama also said that the building of this plant would mean thousands of construction jobs and circa 800 permanent jobs. Job creation is a current necessity, granted, but so is making advances in clean, sustainable energy, which would, just as helpfully supply jobs to those in need.

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