Thursday, February 4, 2010

Obama talks the talk...

...but can he follow it up with powerful legislation aimed at fixing the issues at hand? That's how that saying goes, right?
The CNN headline from yesterday said "Obama rips Republican obstruction." Now before you get images of the full-of-fight Sumner and Brooks in the halls of Congress, Obama's "rip" was far less injuring or physical.
Obama did, however, lash out at GOP tactics of filibustering and throwing insults rather than pushing for change and reform.
And like his State of the Union, Obama didn't shield Democrats from criticism. He said that the Democrats' strategy to "do nothing" about the Massachusets Massacre is a terrible idea. "We should do more and we should do so without delay," Obama scolded.
He complained that Democrats have been very compromising while Republicans continue to do the old, fingers-in-ears-not-listening routine.
He mentioned, with applause from me, that most people don't give a flying fuck (not his choice of words) who has a majority, what processes are necessary for bills to be passed, they just want them passed, according to what they voted for! They want to know what the elected officials are doing FOR them.
Having read this article on CNN, I momentarily let out a cheer in my head, but the skeptical twin meandered into my brain and reminded me that there is a big difference between scolding people, talking on a podium and getting down and dirty and pushing for change. I myself, have to admit that writing this blog is a lot easier than actually going out there and doing the work.
So, Obama, let's do this. The people want it, you say you do, so what the hell are we waiting for?

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