Sunday, February 14, 2010

Really? A trap?

Did you hear? Apparently there's an evil plot afoot to give Republicans exactly what they asked for...shhhh, don't tell anyone!
That's right. Republicans have been bitching and moaning now since Obama released news of the Health Care summit, where he intends to invite members of both parties to an open dialogue on the controversial issue. Not only that, but it will be televised. Here's the catch. It's exactly what Republicans asked for.
Now I know that Democrats are awfully sneaky, what with their bipartisan talk, their endless wishy-washiness on key issues and juvenile need to impress and please the right. But here they are (or at least he is) taking a stand while simultaneously acquiescing to Republicans requests on Health Care. Holy shit!

Now, as you know, I'm not the Obama poster waving child of hope that believes he can do no wrong. But as of late, I have been a bit impressed with his moves to...shall we say...govern!? The Democrats are notorious for cha-cha-ing around issues, not moving forward unless Republicans say it's ok. However, Republicans are notorious for pushing back. Like some of the southerners I went to school with, or my next door neighbor in good ole North Carolina who claimed American cars had been going down hill ever since n%$#&rs started working on them, Republicans don't want to move into the 21st century. To their credit, they have more than 200 filibusters in three years, they haven't passed or helped pass any major legislation since the Patriot Act that could now potentially jail me for life for writing this post.
They excel at making loads of cash for doing nothing. Washington is stagnant and now some of the rust MIGHT just be coming off the wheels that move this nation forward. Meanwhile the Republicans pull hard on this tug-of-war crying "Trap!" and "Terrorists!"

C'mon. Really?
Put down your bible and your stogie and go do what you were voted to do, get shit done.

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