Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The commission on why shit happens

Forgive my cynicism when it comes to government formed commissions but in the past, I've been less than impressed with what these supposed detectives have come up with. The 9/11 commission may as well have been a commission on why we hate terrorists.
So, now there's The National Oil Commission whose job is to 1) determine why the oil rig exploded, 2) make preventative recommendations for similar disasters, and 3) decide whether or not offshore oil and gas drilling should be allowed to continue.
Drumroll please...the shit show: Republicans including but not limited to senators John Barrasso of Wyoming and Robert Bennett of Utah, are bitching and complaining that there are too few oil and gas experts and too many environmentalists on the commission who will make leftist, opinionated suggestions on the second two points while ignoring the cause. Democrats complain that the co-chairman, William Reilly (former head of the EPA under Bush I might add), a Republican, has ties to big oil having sat on the board of Conoco-Phillips. Meanwhile, Obama tries to calm the left and right winds of this shit storm by assuring both sides that the commission is made up of "well-qualified and unbiased scientists and experts."
The commission will have six months before delivering the report whereafter Obama and friends will decide what plan of action to take against BP and the big oil elephant in the room.
Some say that they have higher hopes for this commission, mostly because the disaster in question is still on-going and is certainly fresh in the minds of the Gulf Coast residents if not the entire nation. Others are skeptical and say that the commission will run up against the same problems as the 9/11 commission and in the end will be a mere figurehead for solutions as opposed to tangible change.
I'd have to go with the skeptics on this one. Unless Reilly uses his big oil clout to get some answers (which again, I skeptically doubt), this commission will accomplish about as much as the average hippie cleaning oil off of a seagul and asking himself why. BP is a corporation. Corporations run the government. This disaster is still ongoing. What answers does the commission hope to get from a corporation deep in public opinion shit, losing money everyday? They're gonna try to hide as much as possible! I can almost hear the familiar sound of paper shredders over the hum of gushing oil. BP recently bought up all the google search options for oil spill in an interest to save face. They have also refused to publish any non-corporate sponsored testing of the waterways affected by the spill.
So, again, unless Reilly intends on taking on BP and their corporate bag of tricks, I don't see this commission coming up with much. Even if the so-called hippies on the commission decide that the best way to prevent future oil spills is to not allow off shore drilling (holy shit, what a concept), the chances of that recommendation springing to action are about as slim as Sarah Palin showing up in Playboy sporting a pentagram tattoo.
Good luck commission, you're gonna need it.

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