Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome to hell General Patraeus

This week's forecast for Afghanistan: hell.
June 2010 has shown to be the deadliest so far for NATO forces, the death toll being 101 on Wednesday, outweighing the previous most deadly month by 22 soldiers, in August 2009. And now General Patraeus is taking over for the big mouthed McChrystal who made a complete cluster fuck of himself in Rolling Stone.
Calling McChrystal back to Washington was somewhat of a crap shoot (but then again, so is this war), considering that pulling a General out of a rising death toll war zone isn't usually on the list of recommendations, even from the disjointed lot that organize our troops in the Middle East. Still, Obama forged ahead and replaced McChrystal with Patraeus who officials say have a much better report with the media. Oh good. I'm so glad that that's our criteria for generals. Next war, we should ask that they have a talent like tap dancing or glass playing. I'm not saying that either general deserves a gold star for their efforts in the Middle East but I am saying that if you're gonna go full steam ahead into a war, step up the troops while simultaneously claiming a Nobel peace prize and promising you'll pull troops out, you can't care too much about how the media spins stories.
Insubordination is unacceptable and this Rolling Stone article only profiles the serious holes in the chains of command leading from the top to the poor kids that get blown up every month on the ground. If his own general can't say a thing or two to back up the president, it's not surprising that we're cha-cha-ing back and forth on troop numbers, movements and locations.
We're there, over over there so now we have to do something. Both General Patraeus and McChrystal have more experience in the air conditioned halls of the Pentagon than in the real world. Neither one of them are buddy buddy with Obama. Mr. President, if you wanna go in there, you better make damn sure that you've got your ducks in a row. At the moment, you've got a crazed group of Canada Geese running around and nipping like headless chickens on LSD. Don't let these kids keep dying while you keep trying to figure out a plan.

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