Friday, July 30, 2010

dumb Americans and political correctness

Pastor Terry Jones invites you to burn books with him on September 11th in honor of the fallen and as a message to the Islamic heathens of this world to beware. Great. As if we needed one more nut job to help our reputation deteriorate around the world.
After having seen a clip of this wacko on CNN, my friend and I entered into a conversation about the state of this country.
The big issue we came to is that the American people are just plain stupid, either by choice or by birth. No one cares to take a look at current events, no one cares to check up on what's going on in the world. Our schools have trouble even teaching simple literacy, much less global politics and our place in them. Parents allow kids to sit in front of the TV and playstation until their eyes glaze over. Current affairs consist of who fucked who and what's the hot new shade of nailpolish this month.
As much as I hate to say this, we are living on borrowed time. The longer we ignore the world, the closer we press towards the point of no return, economically, politically, environmentally, you name it.
While discussing these sobering and depressing topics, my friend sighed and went back to his sports page. I quickly jumped at the chance of scolding him. Why? Because being overwhelmed by the apathy and idiocy around you, is no excuse to join it.
It is incredibly frustrating to be one of the few who cares about what's going on. For such a young country, we have rapidly forgotten what it means to live in a republic (or even what a republic is). We take for granted that things are as they have been and will continue to be. We look with disdain on the rest of the world yet insist upon being politically correct when in truth there's nothing correct about political correctness and the only political attribute is who feeds into it enough to be deemed electable. I'm Jewish. You don't have to refer to me as Jewish American. I've never been to caucasia but I'm not gonna throw a bitch fit next time I fill out a form. I used to be fat. I wasn't fitness challenged or big boned, I was fucking fat. Call it what it is. And know what you're calling out. Pastor Terry Jones is a biggoted, mindless, racist, extremist. He is the furthest from and most embarrasing representation of a good Christian. The people who blow up buildings in the name of Allah are biggoted, mindless, racist extremists. They are the furthest from and most embarrasing representation of the Muslim faith. Read the Koran, don't burn it. See that nowhere are the words "holy" and "war" placed next to each other. See that the prophet Mohammed said to be tolerant of those who do not believe as you do (contrary to the bibles kill, kill, kill policy). Think before you speak and know before you act. We have every right to protect our country from those who wish to harm us. But we must understand who that is, and more importantly who they are not. And most important of all, we must know and understand ourselves. For how can we protect a country, a way of life when we know nothing about it? Educate yourself. Be a concerned citize . It's your flag they're waving when the bombs fall. Doyou know why they're falling and upon whom?

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